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64kg bags are suitable for established chocolate producers, bakeries, and manufacturers of other confectionary products. We can ensure a reliable and regular supply for these commercial operations. At Olutayo Group, we act as cocoa suppliers for a range of manufacturers of chocolate and cocoa products, and supply quality, sustainability and ethical values to the industry as a whole.

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As a dedicated cocoa supplier, we provide chocolate manufacturers with a consistent and high-quality supply of premium cocoa beans. Our beans are carefully sourced and processed to meet the exacting standards required for crafting exceptional chocolate products.

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing ensures that chocolate manufacturers receive cocoa beans that align with responsible business practices. This not only enhances the ethical standing of the chocolate products but also resonates positively with socially conscious consumers.

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If you wish to place an order for your cocoa delivery, call us on  07501 865812 or place an order with our contact form. 

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