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We are a reliable supplier of quality organic cocoa beans. Our company runs a busy, community cocoa farm in Osun State in Nigeria, and ships cocoa directly to the UK, for individuals, small businesses, chocolatiers, coffee shops, and quality manufacturers. We are committed to sustainable farming practices, quality cocoa, and a consistent supply service for our clients.


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A little about ourselves

We grow and provide cocoa for both individual consumers and to wholesalers. This makes our organic cocoa easily accessible by the market, and enables a wide range of chocolate producers to access quality organic cocoa as required.

However, you can also order directly from us – as cocoa suppliers, we can offer a direct and accessible service to the whole of the UK. All our cocoa is grown in Nigeria, shipped directly, and packaged here in the UK.

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If you are looking for dependable cocoa suppliers in the UK, contact our team on
07501 865812, or use our contact form here.

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Our Cocoa Beans

Our beans are sourced from our organic cocoa farms in Osun state, Nigeria.
We supply cocoa in three packaging sizes:


a number of raw cocoa beans in a sack and spoons alongside cocoa powder


1kg Bags 

Suitable for personal projects and anyone looking for quality ingredients.

a number of cocoa beans on a sack


5kg Bags 

Great for small businesses, such as coffee shops and patisseries.

a large sack of cocoa beans on a wooden surface


64kg Bags 

Ideal for commercial chocolate manufacturers and chocolatiers.



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To enquire into purchasing high quality organic cocoa beans, contact us here or call directly on 07501 865812.

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Why choose Olutayo Group to source your cocoa?


Reliable Suppliers

We can source and supply cocoa all year round, and have dependable delivery systems enabling businesses to utilise our supply chain and manufacture cocoa products consistently.

Quality is Assured

As cocoa suppliers who own the whole supply chain, from growing to delivery, we can be responsible for quality throughout the process, ensuring properly ripe cocoa beans, and proper storage methods.

Organic Cocoa Beans

We are fully dedicated to sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices, and with this in mind, all our cocoa beans are organic and of the highest quality.



If you have any questions regarding our organic cocoa beans, please take a look at our FAQs.

Our FAQs




a person holding eight fermented cocoa pods above a basket of freshly harvested cocoa pods

How we source our cocoa

Our farm is located in Osun State in Nigeria, where 1000 acres is dedicated to cocoa bean production. We harvest the cocoa beans every week, before breaking them and fermenting them, to be stored for distribution in our warehouse in Ife.

From there we have established a reliable shipping chain via Lagos to London, where the raw cocoa is measured and packaged for sale. In this way we can control every aspect of our operation as cocoa suppliers for businesses and manufacturers.

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Kick-start your cocoa business

Elevate your products with our premium organic cocoa beans – the perfect choice for discerning chocolatiers and connoisseurs.

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