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In this section, we aim to provide clarity on various aspects of our wholesale cocoa beans, from their origins to the ethical practices embedded in our production.

Whether you're a chocolatier crafting delectable confections or a business seeking the finest cocoa beans for your products, these FAQs are designed to address your enquiries and help you make informed decisions.





Buyer's Questions


Is our cocoa organic?

Yes, our cocoa is grown fully organically.

Is it ethically sourced?

Yes, our cocoa is ethically sourced, ensuring fair wages, environmentally sustainable farming practices, and support for local communities throughout the supply chain.

What can the cocoa be used for?

Our wholesale cocoa beans are suitable for all types of use, in particular chocolate and cake, and they are superb for use in anything that uses chocolate.

Do you sell wholesale or merchant?

As cocoa suppliers we serve both wholesale and merchant markets.

How do you test your cocoa bean's quality?

We test the cocoa beans in Nigeria for ripeness, flavour, and integrity.

What is the cost of the cocoa beans?

Our cost for our wholesale cocoa beans £16.99 per kg. 

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Our Cocoa


Shipping Questions


What is the minimum amount I can order?

The minimum amount of cocoa that you can order is 1kg.

What are the delivery times for your wholesale cocoa beans?

For deliveries under 50kg, the time scale for delivery is three days. For larger deliveries it will take around 4 weeks.

How is the delivery completed?

For smaller deliveries we can complete the order by post. For larger deliveries under 1 tonne, our couriers can also deliver to you directly, and will liaise with you to ensure a smooth handover. For larger deliveries over 1 tonne, we will use a trusted freight contractor.


Storage and Consumption Questions


How are our cocoa beans stored?

Our wholesale cocoa beans are stored in our warehouse in Nigeria. Once an order is placed, the cocoa will be transported straight to the person or business who purchases it. We also store a small amount of cocoa beans in the UK ready for small, fast orders. All of these beans are likewise stored in our own shop safely and securely.

How should I store my cocoa beans?

You should preferably store cocoa beans in a cool, dark place, preferably in an airtight container, to preserve their flavor and prevent moisture absorption.










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